Tracey Moyle-Maton, formerly of Maids Moreton has won the Momaya short story award for “Sleeping Lions”, a 3000 word story. She is about to publish her first children’s book.

Update : June 2010. I’ve been talking to Vera Moyle-Maton of Maids Moreton (there’s a lot of initial Ms for you, where else could the family have settled?) , the mother of Tracey and Fiona. She tells me that Tracey has just finished the third book in her children’s series and that her elder sister, the Fiona, who left RLS to study Engineering at University but changed to Mathematics, has spent her life teaching in many countries across the world, including China. Now, she’s back in England and has adopted two, young children.  Both girls are tremendous adverts for the school.    ED


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