Pirates of Penzance Act 2

1951 G&S Pirates of Penzance Buckingham Town Hall

‘Pirates of Penzance’, Act 2.

Front row  (daughters): Rachel Beale, Christine French, ? Pauline Franks, ?Grainger, (Major General Stanley), Margaret Varney (Mabel), Stella France, Anne Capel.  Row 2: -, Gillian Smith, -, Eileen Joel, Titania Sturch, ??, Pat Carroll, ??, Linda Rhodes, Rita Shaw, Rosemary Wharton, Liz Barrett, Christine Hill, Mary Bonner.

Policemen: John Butler, ??, Paul Turpin, ??, ??, John Hopkins, ???????????????????(far right) John Hyland, Sergeant of Police.

Not in photo, Ann Kelly, ‘Frederick’, Michael? Blakiston, ‘Pirate King’, Sid Allen, his lieutenant, Mary Fox (the best French mistress ever!) ‘Ruth’.  Music Director: Bryn Evans.  Rehearsal pianist:  Bill [EW – Geog]   Archer.

The Mikado 1952

The Mikado 1952 Buckingham Town Hall

The Mikado, 1952

Cast of thousands – the usual suspects, principally Cyril Balderson, ‘Koko’ (Centre), Dennis Hamley, ‘Pish-Tush’, (far right).  Myself (Rita Shaw), 2nd from right, 2nd row from back.

Musical Director :  Bryn Evans.

Iolanthe, 1953.  (No photo).

Cast: Phyllis – Pat Carroll, Strephon – Dennis Hamley,  Iolanthe – Eileen Joel, Fairy Queen – Anne Bull.  Chief Fairies – Christine Hill, Pauline Franks, ?. Chancellor ?

Musical Director: Bryn Evans.

Rapturous Maidens in Patience (1955or 1956)

Rapturous Maidens in Patience (1955or 1956)

Patience, 1954 or  1955

Patience – Anne Gillett, Lady Jane – Anne Bull,  Bunthorne – Roger Wagland, Grosvenor – John Stokes,  Hussars – Robin Mitchinson (Captain), Brian Quance,   Rapturous maidens (above): Anne Capel (Saphir), Margaret Clarke (Angela), Rita Shaw (Ella).

Director: Rex Gray.

Ruddigore 1956

Ruddigore 1956

Ruddigore, 1956

Above: Dame Hannah – Rita Shaw, Sir Ruthen Murgatroyd, John Dewy.*

Rose Maybud – Anne Gillett, Chief Bridesmaid – Valerie Tibbetts.

Musical Director, Rex Gray.  In the production, the portraits, which ‘come to life’ , are all actual portraits of their players, by Mrs Lascelles, our art teacher.  They included Leon Metcalf. John (?) Bean, Peter Stanley,  ? Harris .

At the piano for all these productions was Mr Enoch (‘Bill’) Archer, our highly popular Geography and Maths teacher.  We watched with amazement the expanding length of ash from his cigarette as he played!  In those days, the door to the Mens’ Staff Room invariably opened to a cloud of tobacco fumes.

* Did any Old Latins spot John Dewy , Professor of Plate Techtonics, in the Horizon TV production of ‘The Man Who Moved Mountains’, (tracing the great fault through New Zealand and Asia) in 1992?  OK, yes we did have a little cuddle behind the scenes, but no, the earth didn’t move for us!

Rita March, nee Shaw. 22/4/2013


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