Students from the last 13 years will remember Liz Launder from her work in the Drama Department and her partnership with Martin Boileau, Rob Tucker and Emily Spence in staging some great school drama and musical productions. Liz joined RLS in September 2001, persuaded to move to RLS from our neighbours Buckingham School where she and Nick Bailey had built an impressive reputation in the locality for the quality of their school drama productions. The charm of Boileau lured her to RLS!
Over a 100 students throughout the evening, past and present, crammed together at the Cote, Woolpack Inn, in Buckingham to wish her well. Martin Boileau compered the evening with humour, ensuring that his voice was kept well lubricated with English ale.
Martin also took the opportunity to thank Steph Seddon and Louise Stoner, receptionists in the pupil office, who were both leaving RLS. Louise must have taken thousands of photos of school productions over the last 10 years; Steph, with her extra D of E support, and Louise have both been great supporters of Drama during their time at RLS. Martin also thanked the wonderful Mrs Walley for not leaving(!!) and for the miracles she works with costumes for every production. Thunderous applause to the three of them, from all in the Cote.

Students discussed their memories of productions staged by Liz with each other – and in some cases addressed the whole audience; James Waide and Joe Aldous (Animal Farm); Bonny Coombe and Sam Tatlow (A Tale told by an Idiot); Dan Ingle, Guy Drury and Victoria Walley (Sweeney Todd); Georgia Crouch and Alice Underwood (The Accrington Pals); Matthew Gibson (Anything Goes); Christian Loveless (Sound of Music); and Rory Butcher (Sound of Music – the last of his 6, only outdone by Matthew Gibson on 7!). “The Odyssey”, “Mr Puntilla” and the “Threepenny Opera”, “My Fair Lady”, “Animal Farm” and “As You Like It” were other productions remembered and recounted as highlights of students’ time at RLS.

It was clear to this writer the great impact that Liz had made on so many students and the importance of drama to them in their education at RLS.
We wish Liz well in her new teaching post.


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