Joinville 1969 led by Maurice Tyler and Bernard [Biology) Shaw?

Joinville 1969 led by Maurice Tyler and Bernard [Biology) Shaw?

Left to right (text and image provided from our Canadian correspondent Janet [Mackenzie] Warren)
Gill Godwin, Pamela Easton, Janet Mackenzie, (don’t know who’s behind me and can’t remember the name of the lad next to him) Stephanie Miller, Lynne Mann , Maurice Tyler ( don’t know who’s behind him), Roberta Hamp, unknown at back, Toby Glaister ( [of Thornborough] who chucked horrible hard-boiled eggs from the train as it passed through stations on the way home and brought home a sign he had liberated that said Defense de pisser contre ce mur) Alison Deuchar, ?,  David Marcus with the scarf (once fancied by Janet!], ?,  Philip Watson, the name of the lad behind him is on the tip of my tongue, ? Stephen Barlow , ?sadly, died in a car accident in early1970s) and far right is Nigel Norman.
This should gladden Christopher Skinner’s heart as he did say he misses the  Pamela Easton and  the late  Lynne Mann. Lynne Mann had an really enviable figure – remember those were the days of Twiggy- and while all the boys craved her attention she was somewhat unkindly labelled M… Mann… by those same boys!

Ed comments: As Janet correctly identifies the picture was taken before departure by Paynes’ Coach to Joinville, in NE France, on the first Latin School Exchange with that town. The back-drop is the “Milk Factory” now the University of Buckingham’s Chandos Rd building, opposite the “old” entrance to Brookfield Drive.

Janet has added that the two girls behind and to each side of  Maurice were Sally Burton and Freya Jackson – two tall, very academic students who later studied French to A-level. She adds that one unnamed boy was called Alan Longland who lived on Moreton Rd. I reckon that I recognise him and that he’s a solicitor. He was a good rugger player, too. (We both agree, now, that it’s Alan Longland!)

Please help us to complete the picture of who was who, 44 years on! (Didn’t Janet do well?)


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