Julie (nee Manning) Hagerty has contacted us. She was an RLS student and one or two teachers remain at school who remember her 35 years on. Julie writes:

Julie (right) with her host, Anita in Kosovo (from http://education.crs.org/travelogue/2007/images/)

Julie (right) with her host, Anita, in Kosovo (http://education.crs.org/travelogue/2007/images/)


I was browsing the RLS website and saw the request for updated information on past pupils.  I was a student from 1969 to 1974 and was given an excellent education.  I struggled academically because  of learning disabilities that were discovered much later, but my time in the Royal Latin was a wonderful experience.  I went on to get a B.A. and an M.Ed with a focus on Multicultural Literature.  I now teach English at Mount Notre Dame high school in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I have had some wonderful opportunities to travel, including a trip to Kosovo in 2007 to partner with a teacher there on a year long project that connected the students there with my students.  We established a group called Partners in Peace that collaborated on a variety of activities to foster solidarity and bridge building between cultures. I was invited to present at The Big Hope International Youth Conference in Liverpool last summer which brought together people from 55 countires focusing on Peace and Justice issues.  It was a spectacular event.  I felt very privileged to contribute.

I particularly enjoy the long summer school breaks which allow me to travel back to Britain each summer to visit family and friends.  Although I left school after my O Levels and worked on my degree later in my life, the education I received at The Royal Latin school was priceless.
Julie Hagerty ( nee Manning)
Stratton House


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