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  • Rex Gray : an Obituary

    Rex Gray : an Obituary

    REX GRAY – DIRECTOR OF MUSIC, THE ROYAL LATIN SCHOOL 1926 – 1999 Several generations of Old Latins and Buckingham people will be saddened to hear of the death of REX GRAY. He died of […]

  • Zillah Watson

    Zillah was the daughter of Peter Watson who was the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham. His career moved onwards and so did Zillah to Nottingham High School. Zillah took her fist degree at […]

  • Tracey Moyle-Maton, the Writer and Fiona, her sister

    Tracey Moyle-Maton, formerly of Maids Moreton has won the Momaya short story award for “Sleeping Lions”, a 3000 word story. She is about to publish her first children’s book. Update : June 2010. I’ve been talking […]

  • Sarah Deaves

    Sarah Deaves brought up in Winslow and she was daughter of two architects. At our school, she was well-liked, academically able and tall; the latter quality helped her to be good at tennis and hockey. […]

  • Cockpits at RLS

    By Ed Grimsdale. RLS has had a long tradition of being involved with the forces. When Tommy Allitt (Physics, Mathematics and Woodwork, Senior Master) taught at the school, he ensured links with the RAF and […]

  • Janet Heady

    Janet Heady

    Janet Heady (née Butler) was a pupil at the Latin during the War years and was Head Girl in 1950. Her father worked at the International (grocery) Stores in town on a site that has […]

  • Embleton Way

    Embleton Way

    Odonym no 5 : Embleton Way by Ed Grimsdale Embleton Way is the spur road through the estate on Mount Pleasant that lies within Buckingham’s by-pass. Embleton is a northern name and it was brought […]