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  • Arthur John Pearson – a newly discovered RLS HERO

    A New World War I Hero for RLS ?  by Ed Grimsdale  RLS has tablets in its foyer that list the names of RLS fallen in the two World Wars. It is believed that these […]

  • Boy Boarders’ Camp

    Culled from correspondence between Chris Stovold & Ed Talking of which also… summer camp. This was held for the boarders the last weekend of the summer term in a field of a friendly farmer [Bob Wheeler, […]

  • Boarding House Food

    by Chris Stovold, culled from a corespondence with Ed When the boarding school started, GKE, Edna {Embleton] , Reg. [Howard, Boarding Master and Head of English] and Matron {Mrs Wiley] would eat in the dining room at Brokfield […]

  • Cyril & Chrissie Barnes

    Cyril and Chrissie Barnes : leading Salvationists writes  Ed Grimsdale On the 12th November, 1936 Cyril Barnes married Chrissie Small at the Salvation Hall in Buckingham. Both were Old Latins and had been engaged for […]

  • Howard Meakin

    Howard Meakin qualified as a solicitor. He remains in Buckingham and practices locally.

  • Rowland Davies

    From a correspondence between Chris Stovold & Ed… “I think you would have known Philip Rowland Davies, the young maths master [and chemistry]. He drove a green Mini Cooper S, and drove it like a […]

  • Rise An’ Shine: the Sun’s on the Decks

    From Chris Stovold, in correspondence with Ed Grimsdale… “Matron would normally bang around in the mornings, open the curtains and shout for us to get up – 7.20 am. Occasionally George [Embleton] himself would do the […]

  • Don’t Leave Holidays

    One of the first Boy Boarders, Chris Stovold, who now runs a hairdressing business, remembers Brookfield under George Embleton, in a conversation with Ed Grimsdale… GKE  had the habit of making a point with two […]

  • Matron’s Poisoning Us

    We had two Boarding Houses, Brookfield and Rotherfield – one for each sex. Each was run by a Housemaster/ Mistress (Discipline / Activities) and a Matron ( Health, Domestic support). The Matron of the Girls’ House […]

  • Memories of Mr Toft supplied by Anthony Weller

    When I arrived, having been privately evacuated from Bournemouth School, the Headmaster was Mr Toft, a well built Rugby playing person who stood no nonsense from anyone. A good teacher, firm but fair and a […]