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  • Sarah Deaves

    Sarah Deaves brought up in Winslow and she was daughter of two architects. At our school, she was well-liked, academically able and tall; the latter quality helped her to be good at tennis and hockey. […]

  • Cockpits at RLS

    By Ed Grimsdale. RLS has had a long tradition of being involved with the forces. When Tommy Allitt (Physics, Mathematics and Woodwork, Senior Master) taught at the school, he ensured links with the RAF and […]

  • Janet Heady

    Janet Heady

    Janet Heady (née Butler) was a pupil at the Latin during the War years and was Head Girl in 1950. Her father worked at the International (grocery) Stores in town on a site that has […]

  • Embleton Way

    Embleton Way

    Odonym no 5 : Embleton Way by Ed Grimsdale Embleton Way is the spur road through the estate on Mount Pleasant that lies within Buckingham’s by-pass. Embleton is a northern name and it was brought […]